Nichole Bloom


Kate Crocker talks to one of the stars of “Project X”, Nicholle Bloom.

Question: First off, I have to know, how many extras were used in the film? Because it looks like an insane amount of people! Not to mention, it looks like it would a hard amount of people to control while shooting, so could you tell me a little bit about working with this many extras and if anything crazy happened because of it.

There were hundreds of kids on set just as you see in the movie, but everyone was really professional and no one did anything out of line. I feel like those extras had to endure more than your average extras though because a lot of them had to get wet, dance for hours on end, or run away from fire!

Question: What first attracted you to the project? It seems like it would be a fun flick to be involved with because it looks like anything goes, was that the appeal?

I was attracted to the project because I read the script and thought I had never seen anything like it before. Then after meeting our director, Nima, and Todd Phillips during the audition process, they were so nice I knew they would be great people to work with. It was an added bonus that I would get to be “partying” along side a bunch of kids my own age.

Question: The first person handheld camera genre faded a little bit but lately “Chronicle” took it on with great success and this film as well. I liked that “Project X” took the handheld style and paired it with a party script. What was it like for you? Did you get to do any shooting yourself? And who/how many people operated all the handhelds?

I didn’t get to do any shooting myself, but Thomas, JB, and Oliver were given cameras to record footage and help develop their relationship before fliming began. Watching the movie, some of the shots seem like they were done completely on the fly, but everything was really planned out. Not sure about how many hands were operating the cameras to be honest!

Question: Did you get to improvise to an extent? Or was there a set script or an outline or sorts of what should happen in each scene?

I think the beauty of the film is that it looks so real and improvised, but there was definitely a script we had to follow. We were allowed to improvise and do our own thing occasionally, as long as we also got what was written on paper!

Question: If so, any favorite improv scenes or moments?

Well, the scene of JB and I making out was not initially in the script or anything, but JB really wanted that scene to happen so he pushed for it, and ultimatley we all thought it was funny so it stayed in the film.

Question: Were there any neighborhoods that you guys actually shot in or was it all on back lots?

Considering all the destruction and noise that’s caused, I’m sure people are relieved to know we shot it all on an enclosed lot, so no homes or real people were harmed.

Question: Any future projects we can look forward to seeing you in?

I just completed an indie feature called “Model Minority” where I play a young girl who gets involved with the wrong people and ends up in jail. That film is much darker than Project X, in that its tragic what happens to my character. After that, I have yet to decide on what my next project will be but I’m very excited for this year.