X-Men Mutant befriends Hunger Games contestant


Lucas Till, the sandy-haired youngster who played ‘Havoc’ in “X-Men : First Class”, is flapping his mutated wings over to “Paranoia”, the newly-announced desk-jockey thriller starring Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

Till, says the emerald brigade at Variety, will play a friend and co-worker of Hemsworth’s character, a chap caught up in a duelling telecommunications company war.

Aussie boy Robert Luketic, whose last flick “Killers” led to a ravaging case of cinematic herpes for many, is directing. But let’s not hold his filmography against him (heck, I didn’t mind so much that “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” flick he did a few years ago; it was fairy floss, but it wasn’t the crusty, tasteless type).