Emily Blunt to meet Tom Cruise again and again and again…


Her royal divine hotness Emily Blunt may be sashaying into repeatville for a rendezvous with Tom Cruise.
According to THR, the “Five-Year Engagement” star is in talks to play the female lead in Cruise and director Doug Liman’s “All You Need is Kill”.

The script sees Cruise as a raw recruit who gets killed in action but, in Groundhog Day fashion, is reborn each day to fight, and die, again and again. He begins trying to train himself to be a better soldier in hope of changing his fate.
Blunt would play Valkyrie One, one of humankind’s best soldiers.

Funny how Cruise’s popularity has done a complete 360 in the space of..what, five years? He might want to pinch the bum of that kindly “Ghost Protocol” as thanks.