Escape from New York reboot may be off, but Eisner and Butler have something else planned…


Gerard Butler is set to star in “Manhunt”, a Breck Eisner (“Sahara”) directed actioner about a team of FBI agents sent to the North Carolina wilderness to chase the FBI’s most wanted man.

Now wasn’t Butler the favourite to play Snake Plissken in Eisner’s once-planned “Escape from New York” remake? If I were a betting man, I’d say they’ve been looking to work together on something since that one – thankfully – fell apart.

Deadline says the villain of “Manhunt” is “domestic terrorist and survivalist James Tollan, who has eluded arrest with the support of the local population while attacking the federal government. They enroll the help of a reluctant bear hunter to capture the killer. But once the team enters the woods, the hunters become the hunted as Tollan will stop at nothing to survive and defend his territory.”

Now if I recall correctly, wasn’t “Manhunt” also the name of that John Wilkes Booth project that Harrison Ford was once attached to? Not that it matters, that one’s not happening, but still… interesting. Or not. Moving right along.