Malcolm Lee to direct Scary Movie 5


Dimension Films is finally about to get spoofing on their next “Scary Movie”.

Originally due out this year, “Scary Movie 5” has found itself a new director, “Undercover Brother” and “Soul Man” director Malcolm Lee. Lee will co-write the script with David Zucker, director of the previous two “Scary Movie” sequels.

With Lee onboard, does this mean the series is somewhat returning to its “urban” roots? Might we expect humour more in the vein of the first two “Scary Movie” films? Or will Zucker’s involvement in a writing capacity see that the film turns out just as weak as the last two?

No word on casting yet – though it was rumoured that some of the original cast members, namely Anna Faris and Charlie Sheen, were said to be coming back (one person that won’t be back is the late Leslie Nielsen, obviously) – but the film is shooting this Summer says EW.