CinemaCon 2012 : Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2, One Shot, Brave, Dark Knight Rises


The theater exhibitor con is currently on in Vegas. All the big studios are touting their upcoming releases. Warners has “Dark Knight Rises”, “Great Gatsby”, “Rock of Ages” and “The Hobbit” (read about it here), among others; whilst Sony has “The Amazing Spider-Man”, among others, and Paramount has a “Star Trek” sequel.

Here are some updates from the presentations :

Iron Man 3

Shane Black dropped some hints about the next sequel. Coming Soon reports, ” In the video presentation, Black dubbed the movie a “technological thriller” and a “crisis movie” set in the world of “international war, arms and terror” saying that they will “put Tony Stark through the wringer” as they explore the trials of being Tony Stark. Although no villain has been revealed for the film, he said the villain will be one that will “frighten in today’s world.”” Hmmm, any ideas?

The Dark Knight Rises

Remember how muffled ‘Bane’ sounded in the Comic Con reel? Well, you can now understand him. Collider reports, “We saw “The Bat” in action and it looks phenomenal. We also saw Batman standing on the top of a building that must have been shot in IMAX that was breathtaking. In addition, plenty of shots of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy as Bane. Other new shots showed the action of the streets of Gotham, plenty of explosions, the Bat Cave, Bruce Wayne with a cane, and so much more. The interesting thing about the shots was the lack of dialogue, showing that even though Nolan loves the theater owners, he’s still trying to keep as much as possible under wraps. However, the most important thing I want to emphasize is the new and improved Bane audio. During the beginning of the footage we saw some moments from the seven minute IMAX prologue that had previously been released. The muffled sound of Bane has been absolutely cleaned up so you can now hear him like he’s standing next to you.”


The new animated Disney offering will be using “Dolby’s new Atmos format, which was developed to create sound that Dolby says is more “natural and lifelike”.”, THR reports. “Dolby aims to have the new sound system, which it debuted this week at CinemaCon, installed in 10-15 theaters worldwide for the test, for which Pixar will prepare a special mix of the film.”

Dark Shadows

Deadline reported that the footage went down a treat. “First up, Warner Bros topper Jeff Robinov introduced Tim Burton, director of the studio’s May release Dark Shadows, who said he was a devoted fan of the original ABC gothic soap when he was in school and bonded with his frequent star Johnny Depp on their mutual love of “weird cultural phenomena”. With that he brought on Depp, who just simply waved to the crowd and said he hopes they enjoy it. They seemed to, especially the twisted comic tone of the footage.”

Star Trek 2

/film and Collider teamed up to record a video blog, talking about the Paramount panel – films discussed included the “Trek” sequel, “Rise of the Guardians”, “Madagascar 3” and “One Shot” starring Tom Cruise.