Sylvester Stallone talks Rambo 5


Sylvester Stallone says he’s considering bringing back Rambo – for what sounds like the Vietnam Vet’s last mission.

The actor tells MTV that a fifth film in the series is looking likely now.

“There’s a volcanic eruption [brewing]. The magma of Rambo is coming to the surface”, he said.

So is there another story to tell?

“I know there is,” he said definitively. “It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where he realizes what his destiny really is,” Stallone said, speaking for the character and how he might take a moment to reflect on his life and realize his work isn’t finished. “It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.

“I like the whole Mexican situation, what’s going on down there,” Stallone continued, hinting at the film’s possible setting and building the plot around the real-life conflict in Mexico. “So I’m working on a formula for it right now.”

What would you like to see happen in “Rambo 5”? Should he die? Should he get arrested? Should Brian Dennehy make a return? Should he retire from warfare and take up carpentry?