A Mandy Moment

A Mandy Moment : Mother’s Day Special

Mandy’s Top 5 Movie Mothers

To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are my top 5 most memorable mothers in film. Mothers we wish we had, mothers who can blow up buildings, knit you a personalized sweater for Christmas…or kind of creep you out.

Easy A – Rosemary Penderghast

Making jokes in the hallway with your pretend gay boyfriend, adopting children and providing inspiring advice on what actually qualifies as easy behaviour in high school by recounting her own experiences, mother Penderghast is one mother that would be a lot of fun to grow up with.

Janine “Smurf” Cody – Animal Kingdom

So she doesn’t qualify in the category of mothers you wish you had, that is not to say that “Smurf” Cody won’t hesitate in protecting you, even if that means blackmailing officials, plotting deaths, and taking down her grandson. Oh, and encouraging a life of crime. Well, she cares a lot about her kids anyway. Creepily, but caring is caring.

Mrs Weasley – Harry Potter

Bringing up six children is no mean feat, especially with twins you have trouble telling apart, and then take on a surrogate child when he is 11 years old. Not just any surrogate child as well, but the one person in the wizarding world that He Who Must Not Be Named, the most evil wizard in history, has made his life mission to kill, and anyone and thing that gets in his way. Probably not the person most mothers would want their kids associating with, but Mrs Weasley does not let this stop her from providing a home away from home, and knitting him hideous sweaters every Christmas. She also gets very defensive when evil witches try to kill her daughter. Definitely someone you want on your side.

Mrs Gump – Forrest Gump

As the future Principal of Forrest Gump notes – “Your momma sure does care about your education, son”. And care she does. With inspiring life advice relating to food, and little white lies in exchange for $25,000, Mrs Gump focuses on the strengths of her son as opposed to his weaknesses. Well, stupid is as stupid does. And Forrest does good.

Sarah Connor – Terminator II

And finally, sure she couldn’t balance her checkbook in the original Terminator film, but becoming a mother sure helped Sarah Connor grow and learn – particularly in the area of weaponry and attack strategies. Sure she started the film off in an insane asylum, but she didn’t let that stop her from working on her chin-ups, escaping to rescue her son, and single handedly try to take on the T-1000 after copping a bullet in her leg. Sarah Connor, you are my hero.

Happy mother’s day to all, regardless of weaponry knowledge.

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