TRON 3 draft done; no ‘Clu’ if it will happen though


Nothing that’ll see a spike in underwear sales at K-Mart or anything, but today a glass-half-full response to the “Tron 3 coming?” question from “Tron Legacy” scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz that might put a smile on fans’ dials.

Speaking to Collider about their small screen ventures “Once Upon a Time” and “TRON Uprising” (an animated series spun-off from the flicks; Mandy Moore, among others provides one of the voices. How I’d like to help polish her shiny disc… moving right along), the wordsmiths offered up an update on a third “Tron” film.

Bad news is, there’s still no greenlight on a “Tron 3” but there is a script. And will they be involved?

Yes. We were actually beginning to write the sequel, and then Once Upon A Time happened and we had to step off. Adam and I have been made co-producers of it, and Disney hired a great writer, Dave DiGilio. We’ve seen the first draft and we’re very excited.

What I would give to read that “Tron 3” script! Anyone that has seen the draft – doubting anyone besides the major parties involved have, but if you have – please let us know how it reads; more importantly, less us know whether Yori has a place in there. Heck, for that matter, Ram.