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Promos for new 2012 TV shows!

Movie News

Olivia Marne is a Melbourne-based University graduate and full-time publisher who joined Moviehole in 2011.

More push and pull behaviour going on in TV land at the moment than there is at a BPD divorcees convention. With the many shows the majors are pushing away (like newly-cancelled “CSI Miami”, “A Gifted Man”, “Secret Circle” and “Alcatraz”), just as many are being summoned closer – as you’ll see when the fall schedule is solidified in the coming weeks.

Here’s a look at some of the new shows coming our way later this year, early next.

Ben and Kate (FOX)
Because “Will & Grace”, “Dharma & Greg” and, er, “Jack & Jill” (God, let’s not get started on “Jack & Bobby”) worked so well, Fox resurrect the double Christian name series.

The Mob Doctor (FOX)
A Chicago doctor starts playing fix-it woman for the mob – surgically speaking.

The Goodwin Games (FOX)
Scott Foley, Beau Bridges, and a couple of others in a ‘do anything for cash’ sitcom. Looks… Okay.

The Following (FOX)
Kevin Bacon is hot on the trail of serial killer James Purefoy in this newie from “Scream” man Kevin Williamson. Looks pretty slick!

The New Normal (NBC)
Another one of those dysfunctional family comedies that we love so much.

Go On (NBC)
“Friends”, “Studio 60″ and “Mr Sunshine” alum Matthew Perry returns to the air. Is that a cricket applauding I hear?

Animal Practice(NBC)
Laffer with “Weeds” fave Justin Kirk and his stethoscope. Has potential.

Guys with Kids (NBC)
OMG! Those guys are looking after the babies! …. SOoooo 1988.

Chicago Fire (NBC)
Where there was once “Hope”, there is “Fire”. Aussie boy Jesse Spencer is in this one.

Revolution (NBC)
This supernatural effort has a lot going for it, namely Jon Favreau’s anointment as the pilot director.

The Newsroom (HBO)
Aaron Sorkin fans form a line to the left, behind me! This one’s atop of my must-see list for 2012/2013.

TRON : Uprising (DisneyXD)
The animated “TRON Legacy” spin-off, featuring the voices of Bruce Boxleitner, Lance Henriksen and Mandy Moore, hasn’t just unleashed a promo… its let rip with the whole first episode! Enjoy!

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Olivia Marne is a Melbourne-based University graduate and full-time publisher who joined Moviehole in 2011.

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