The Bang Bang Club


By Clint Morris

What sounds like a dirty cousin of “Showgirls” is actually closer in tone to “The Killing Fields”, what with its unnerving tale of photo journalists working the battlefields, ducking and covering as they snap away and envision their well-paid headline photo hitting the press.

Flick is based on a group of young men, played by an assortment of Hollywood hotties, covering the final days of apartheid in South Africa. What these gents – well, and lady (Malin Akerman is essentially the core female constituent) – witness is absolutely horrifying. Not surprising that they too end up brandishing war wounds from the assignment.

Nothing as deep or as memorable as “The Killing Fields” here, and character detail is as faint as an SBS signal on an old TV, so you never get a chance to really know the guys on screen, but some dramatic mob riot scenes coupled with a strong performance by young riser Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”, “Friday Night Lights”) makes “Bang Bang Club” worth a visit.

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