Four-minute Amazing Spider-Man Super Preview


The jury’s still out on whether Peter Parker’s newly-moisturized palms will stick, but be it good or bad the “Spider-Man” reboot is going to make a slab of cash when it hits cinemas in a few short weeks.

Personally, and though I’ve heard a couple of mixed reports from insiders over the past few days, I think it looks fun. I like that Marc Webb is behind the thing, because he’s a dab hand at fleshing out characters and making sure the words sling off the page, and I think the casting is impeccable – particularly Andrew Garfield’s anointment as Parker/Spider-Man.

At the same time, I was also a huge fan of the first two “Spider-Man” movies – no, not the ones with Nicholas Hammond, the Tobey Maguire flicks – and I’m still not convinced that this so-called ‘untold story’ will offer anything significantly new or superior to the Sam Raimi movie.

Whatever the case, Sony seem confident – here’s the four-minute ‘Super’ preview they’ve just released for the flick.