Hulk-mania continues with TV series plans for 2013


So much for all that “No, who wants to see another Hulk movie anyway?” talk.

With the characters resurgence in popularity, largely due to Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon’s combined efforts in, er, humanizing the green machine in “The Avengers”, all focus is again on getting the Incredible Hulk back on the big screen – in some fashion or form.

Firstly, remember the reports of a new “Hulk” TV series being developed by Guillermo del Toro and David Eick ?

That’s still happening – just not this year.

ABC President Paul Lee says it’s likely we will see Bruce Banner on the box next year.

“Hulk is in development”, Lee tells THR. “It wasn’t going to be ready this season but we hope it’s going to be ready for next season.”

“We’re immensely proud to be [in] company with The Avengers,” he said. “We’re going to continue to develop aggressively. We’re very happy to make shows not just for our own network but for other networks too. Where the shows are more appropriate to our brand they’ll go with us. Where they’re more appropriate to brands like Fox, NBC, CBS, we’re happy to do that too. We would like to see some Marvel projects move to television.”

Plans were also afoot at one stage for both AJA Jessica Jones and The Punisher, two other comic-book faves, to crossover to the small screen. Both projects, for the time being, have been shelved.
With “The Avengers” crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide it’s also very possible that we will see The Hulk back on the big screen too – and ideally with Mark Ruffalo wearing the purple, er, shirt again.