Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl reported missing


Nick Stahl, probably best recognized for his role as John Connor in “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines”, has been reported missing.

The 32 year-old actor has been missing since May 9, his wife -whom he recently separated from – confirmed.

Stahl, who also starred in the films “Bully” and “Disturbing Behavior”, reportedly has a bit of a troubled past; in February, his wife has asked for his visiting rights with his 2-year-old daughter to be limited, and she also wanted him to be clear of drugs when doing so.

People Magazine are one of a few outlets following the story :

“We are tracking down a few leads and using internal sources with information we have to see if we can quickly locate him,” L.A.P.D. Detective Carmine S. Sasso, who is handling the case, tells PEOPLE.

The actor, says Det. Sasso, “has got some personal issues that he’s trying to work through. The family asks that this be kept very low-key, and that affects our ability to successfully solve these cases.”

And what of reports that substance abuse issues are involved in Stahl’s disappearance?

“In general, [this case] is similar to a lot of our adult missing persons cases,” says Det. Sasso. “Of the 14,000 missing persons cases I’ve handled over the past four years, there’s a very good percentage of those involving drug issues and a separation from families. The vast majority of them have been successfully solved. Hopefully this one will be too.”

Stahl, who kicked off his career with a co-starring role opposite Mel Gibson in “The Man Without a Face”, is a damn fine actor. He was terrific as John Connor in the third “Terminator”, won many fans with his role on TVs “Carnivale”, and was still a rather sought-after actor for producers and directors. In recent times, Stahl starred in the direct-to-video sequel to “Mirrors” (2010) and guested on series’ “Body of Proof” and “House of Lies”.

On being a child actor, Stahl said “I had sort of a dual life in a way – I was going away and doing films, and then coming back, and hanging out with friends, and getting into trouble, and experimenting with drugs, and doing all that stuff, and so my teenage years had some darker times to them, that aren’t the fondest memories for me.”

Hoping they find the guy safe and sound.