Exclusive : Species helmer attached to Heart of Darkness redo


It was reported last year that Joseph Conrad’s classic novel “Heart of Darkness” – which Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” was inspired by – was getting the film treatment… again. Peter Cornwell (“The Haunting in Connecticut”) had been hired to direct “Into Darkness”, a movie that would retain the original novel’s science-fiction roots (as opposed to being a war flick) expunging the need for fresh-smelling napalm.

Cornwell is off the project, and word from Cannes is that Roger Donaldson (“Species”, “No Way Out”) has been hired to helm the picture.

The title of the film has also been reverted back to the book’s title, “Heart of Darkness”.

Shooting on the science-fictioner will take place here in Australia.

Here’s the synopsis of “Apocalypse 2388” :

APOCALYPSE 2388. Earth is on the brink of extinction. Legendary explorer KURTZ is sent on a desperate mission to scout an unknown planet on the far side of the universe. A planet that may sustain human life.

When communication with Kurtz mysteriously ceases, rookie flight officer MARLOW is assigned the perilous task of completing the objective. Tracking Kurtz into the unknown he reaches the new planet to find a race at the dawn of time.

However, Kurtz has his own plans for the new world and man’s last hope for survival. To achieve it he will Marlow into the heart of darkness to protect paradise.

Tony Gilgio and Branden R.Morgan wrote the screenplay for the picture. Gary Hamilton (“The Bank Job”) and Ted Field (“Zathura”) will produce.