The Liam Neeson Daily : Taken 2 Pics, Tombstones announcement


Everywhere-man Liam Neeson has now taken his facial monopoly to the interwebs.

The star of this year’s “Wrath of the Titans”, “Dark Knight Rises” (sssh!), “Battleship” and “The Grey” shows no signs of slowing down. Deadline reports that the “High Spirits” (remember that dud?! It and “Satisfaction” might just be the biggest blemishes to an otherwise impressive CV) star is onboard a film version of Lawrence Block’s book “A Walk Among the Tombstones”.

Scott Frank will direct from his own script.

The pub says “Tombstones”, beginning production February, 2013 in New York, is “the first film in a new three-year deal between Exclusive Media and Cross Creek Pictures to develop, finance and produce at least two films per year, with budgets up to $65 million.”

In A Walk Among the Tombstones, Neeson plays Scudder at the time he’s an ex-NYPD cop and unlicensed private detective and recovering alcoholic. He’s hired to find the kidnapped wife of a drug dealer. In the process, he discovers that the kidnappers have done this before and it has led to brutal murders. Block’s Scudder character was previously played by Jeff Bridges in the Hal Ashby-directed 8 Million Ways To Die. Double Feature Films partners Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher will produce with Danny DeVito and his Jersey Films. Exclusive Media’s Alex Walton will sell overseas rights at Cannes.

Meanwhile, EW has published some new stills from Neeson’s next biggie, “Taken 2” – which reunites the ageing action hero with sprightly young hottie Maggie Grace.

In “Taken 2”, Neeson tells the magazine, “I’ve [as Bryan Mills] taken a job over in Istanbul looking after a sheik who is there, and afterward I discover that my wife’s going through a very bad time with her new husband. So I suggest she and my daughter come over for a few days and hang out with me in this amazing city. And then… [laughs] all this s—t happens, of course.”

“Taken 2” dropkicks into cinemas in October.