Past Superman Scripts by J.J Abrams and Andrew Kevin Walker were used for Man of Steel?


ThinkMcFlyThink, who seemed to have their ear to the pine wall of the WB “Man of Steel” offices, are reporting some interesting story rumours about the upcoming ‘Superman’ reboot.

Seems many of the plot points have been lifted from unused scripts for “Flyby” and “Batman Vs. Superman”.

Rumblings we hear is another vital Flyby component is being used; the revelation Supes/Clark/Kal is a lost Kryptonian prince prophesied to save the world.

Is it as radical as the big stink being made about changes to Spider-Man’s origins in The Amazing Spider-Man as leaked by Badass Digest? It’s out there, and lazy, let’s be honest throwing in the tired “Chosen One” or “Destiny” cliché. But considering how far Flyby originally deviated, it was the least egregious material Abrams cooked up (God forbid they used Supes dying and visiting his father in Kryptonian Heaven!)

Some of you might instantly cry “Bullshit!” with claims of “Christopher Nolan would never let that happen!” Well for one, Nolan’s not signing the checks paying for The Man of Steel and second, while the property was in his control (and he had a blank check at his discretion) Bryan Singer agreed to incorporate stuff from earlier, unmade iterations. The sequence where Superman incinerates glass falling with his laser eyes? Directly out of Batman vs Superman.

As a friend put it, these mandates create a creative challenge for the filmmaker (As pointed out with the aforementioned BTTF, it helped the final product) and word is the studio is psyched with what Snyder has delivered.

These guys at TMT have some good insiders when it comes to the WB Superhero projects so chances are this rumour is on the money.