Tom Cruise gallops into a remake of The Magnificent Seven


Never one to shy away from a, er, Mission, Tom Cruise has set his sights on scuffling the purists by doing a “Magnificent Seven” remake.

Variety says the 49-year-old actor is attached to MGM’s redo of the 1960 Western. Thing is, Cruise has been keen on getting a remake of the old Yul Brunner classic up for years, so his attachment doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a go anytime soon – particularly considering young Mapother’s hefty to-do list. Still, Cruise’s resurgence in popularity, coupled with the fact that his last flick smashed a few records, might push this one closer to the cameras.

“Seven”, about a group of American gunmen hired to protect a small Mexican village from a group of savage bandits, was a film trilogy before sashaying to TV-land with a short-lived CBS series.

As the trade mentions, MGM seems to have a woody for remaking all their catalog classics at the moment – “Poltergeist”, “WarGames”, “Death Wish”, “Carrie”, “RoboCop”… so “Seven” abides by the studio’s seemingly do-over focused mission statement of late.

Be interesting to see where this one fits in with Cruise, considering he has a half-a-dozen other flicks – like “Top Gun 2” and a recently-announced ‘Van Helsing’ flick – he’s already attached himself to.