Moviehole’s MIB 3 Interviews : Smith, Jones, Brolin


Released this week around the alien-concealed globe, “Men in Black 3” (aka “MIB 3” aka “Will & Tommy’s third highly-paid Excellent Adventure”) reunites Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, stars of the 1997 original, and throws in a slice of Josh Brolin to spice up the sequel cocktail. The result is a fun, frenetic and visually impressive sequel that, in addition to everything else, offers up one of heck of a killer Tommy Lee Jones impersonation by Brolin.

In Men in Black 3, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back… in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K’s life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him — secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind. The film is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The screenplay is written by Etan Cohen, based on the Malibu Comic by Lowell Cunningham. The producers are Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, and the executive producers are Steven Spielberg and G. Mac Brown.

Read our interviews with the cast of “MIB 3” :

Will Smith
“Somebody needs to come up with a time jump app. I’ve always loved time travel. I started for this movie to actually dive into it and start thinking about it and talking about it. I realized that for black people you don’t really want to do too much jumping into the past. It’s pretty like, right now is like the best it’s ever been. I was like maybe the time dial if I could go forward with it that would be a great thing.” [read full interview….]

Tommy Lee Jones
“No. It wasn’t different than any other experience of shooting a scene in Men in Black. You point the ray gun and imagine that there is an alien there and then he explodes into a blob of goo because you know that’s what’s going to happen. It’s simple once you learn how to do it.” [read full interview…]

Josh Brolin
“[It was] a bad impression that I used to do for Barry…We were with the Coens and Barry was there. I was doing Nick Nolte and Tommy Lee Jones – but really bad versions of them. Then, much to my surprise, sometime later, somebody calls me up and says, “Hey do you want to do this mega movie and play Tommy Lee Jones..young K?.” [read full interview….]