Hot Kitty features in two new Dark Knight Rises TV Spots


Now that interest in that other superhero movie has started to wane – yes, people seem to have finally tired of “Leonard Part 6” – Warners are all guns blazing, hoping to pop some awareness bullets into the target audience (I.e anyone that likes quality flicks.. and might also have a penchant for leather) for “Dark Knight Rises”.

The big July release concludes Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy (at which time Brett Ratner takes over, has Ben Stiller reprise the Batman role and gets Chris Tucker to come out of retirement to play the Riddler) and though we’ve an idea how it all ends, I’m betting there’s a few surprises we don’t know about… hopefully.

Two TV spots for the film have emerged, they hint at what’s to come – like a cool-ass flying Bat contraption, but again, no huge plot spoilers within :

TV Spot 1

TV spot 2

Meanwhile, Warners has also released a bunch of pretty new character posters for the film :

And if they didn’t make your pointy, er, ears stand up… these new stills may : has several more stills from the film here.