Hamilton, Mikkelsen courted for Iron Man and Thor sequels, respectively


Former soap star Ashley Hamilton (“Sunset Beach”, “Beethoven’s 2nd”) is adding some ‘firepower’ to Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”, says Variety.

Hamilton, as well as Jon Favreau (reprising his role as Happy Hogan), were added to the credit block of the superhero sequel today. The former is playing “government cyborg Firepower. In the Marvel comicbooks, the character is the pilot of an experimental armored suit under the secret mission dubbed Project: Firepower. He eventually uses the suit to battle Iron Man”.

Hamilton, the son of veteran actor George Hamilton, was a friend of Robert Downey Jr’s – which answers your question ‘How did this guy get the gig?’.

“Iron Man 3” begins production this month.

Meanwhile, Mads Mikkelsen (“Casino Royale”) is in talks to play the baddie in another Marvel movie, “Thor 2”.

According to Variety, Mikkelsen’s role hasn’t been disclosed but it’s pretty safe to say, Thor’s not gonna be his pal.