Pauly Shore & Andy Dick for In the Army Now Sequel


On this memorial day, it only seems fitting to salute some of the fallen – like Pauly Shore.

Shore, the star of such ’90s hits as “Encino Man”, “Son-in-Law” and “Jury Duty”, appeared on Andy Dick’s live chat show on and mentioned his interest in reuniting with Dick for a sequel to their 1994 comedy “In the Army Now”.

According to a press release issued by, it was Dick’s idea to resurrect the clueless soldiers for a follow-up.

“I’ve always said we should do In The Army Again,” said Dick, who played Jack Kaufman in the comedy farce. “We should rescue Katy Perry from a USO show gone bad or something.”

Pauly Shore, who played the lead role of soldier Bones Conway, loved the idea. “We just need a script and someone to back the project and I’m in.”

Billionaire and FilmOn.TV CEO Alki David jumped in, “I’ll back it if both of you star in it.”

According to Dick, a treatment for “In the Army Now 2” already exists and they’ll get to work soon on a full script.

The original film, directed by Daniel Petrie Jr, also featured Lori Petty, David Alan Grier, Esai Morales and “24” alum Glen Morshower, playing the recruiting sergeant.

Now I don’t know about you but I didn’t think “In the Army Now” was anywhere near Shore’s best, that honour, I feel, belongs to 1993’s “Son in Law”. If one could entice “Son” director Steve Rash to get behind the camera for it, and if the aforementioned network would shell out money for that sequel, I might just buy two tickets now. Might. A Carla Gugino – she played the love interest in the film – cameo would help.