Lionsgate are getting into the TV business in a big way.

The studio’s CEO Jon Feltheimer’s said this morning that among the shows on the shingle’s dance card are spin-off’s of the films “Red” and “Step Up”, while Deadline added that an “Expendables” TV series is also on the cards.

An “Expendables” TV series makes much more sense than both “Red” and “Step Up”, in my opinion, because there’s much opportunity to resurrect some ’80s action stars of TV for a show which no doubt has a huge audience-in-waiting – be it fans of the movies or fans of such action-heavy shows from thirty years ago.

Clint said earlier that he’s heard Steven Seagal’s name already tossed about for the show, which would make sense considering the actor’s recent comments regarding getting involved in a future “Expendables” outing. Also, Seagal has been doing cable series TV lately, with “True Justice”, so is clearly OK with small-screen work.

Seagal carrying an “Expendables” TV series could actually really work – – imagine surrounding him with some of the other great action stars from yesterday, like Mr T, Ken Wahl, Hulk Hogan, Richard Grieco, Carl Weathers or even, no joke, ‘The Hoff’!?, it could be great!