Set pics from Seth Rogen’s all-star End of the World movie


The first set photos from – what’s unarguably bound to be the ‘Expendables of comedy movies’ – “The End of the World” have gone online. This is the film that Seth Rogen stars in and co-directs alongside writing partner Evan Goldberg, that brings together a who’s who of the comedy world – including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel and Jason Segel, as well as Rihanna, Emma Watson and Aziz Ansari – for the story of a group of Hollywood celebs (the cast play themselves, in other words) who are at a party at James Franco’s house when the Apocalypse hits.

ScreenCrush have the pics from the set, which features most of the cast, including Rogen, Paul Rudd and Franco.

For those that don’t know, “The End of the World” is inspired by a faux trailer that Rogen did a couple of years back called “Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse”, in which Rogen and “Freaks & Geeks” co-star Jay Baruchel took on the end of times.