Christian Bale would love the challenge of making a fourth Batman


Will Batman bite it in the latest Caped Crusader adventure? Nah, despite suggestions that “The Dark Knight Rises” ends with Bruce’s codpiece being permanently dismembered by a WWF reject with a facehugger from “Alien” attached to his phiz, I’ve it on good authority that there’s not going to be anything but tears of joyous inspiration at the end of the 2 hour 45 minute epic.

Secondly, considering star Christian Bale is sounding more and more neutral – as opposed to “definitely not!” – in regards to doing a fourth film in the series, and possibly later, a “Dark Knight Returns” movie, you can almost guarantee Warners isn’t killing off his Bat.

Speaking to [the latest issue of] Empire, Bale says of a possible fourth film in Nolan’s so-called Batman ‘trilogy’ :

I’ve had that experience with another thing of thinking a fourth one could work (Terminator Salvation) and it didn’t really happen – and that’s a thorn on my side. So if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’, then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

But maybe Nolan doesn’t come to Bale with an idea for a fourth one? What if there’s years before the Brit gets to wear the Cowl again? Maybe “Dark Knight Returns” could be the go? – when Bale is pushing 55 or so.

That could be an interesting one, couldn’t it? Twenty years down the track….

Meantime, director Chris Nolan is finished with Batman – – but “Rises” scribe David Goyer predicts the character will be back sooner rather than later in another person’s hands.

“It would be ridiculous to expect Warner Bros wouldn’t attempt to do something”, the screenwriter tells the mag, acknowledging that rumours suggesting he himself might helm a new ‘Batman’ film are simply that, rumours.

Meantime, we’re going to be treated to what I’m told, by one of the chiefs on the distribution side, is a helluva Batman movie in “Dark Knight Rises” – a film that’s as good as, if not better than the seemingly untoppable “The Dark Knight”. Apparently we’ll fear Bane, cheer and be in awe of Hathaway’s turn as Catwoman, and be amazed at some of the ostentatiously constructed action sequences on show. Bring it