Police Academy reboot hires yet another writer


That on-again off-again on-again “Police Academy” reboot (which, funnily enough, sways between being a reboot, sequel and out-and-out remake as much as it changes its production status) has a new writer : Jeremy Garelick, according to Deadline.

Garelick, seemingly someone whose surname wouldn’t look out of place on the Blue Oyster VIP members list, was apparently responsible for some of the most successful jokes in “The Hangover”. He rewrote that script, and off the back of it, got a job at Universal penning “Sick Day”.

The “Police Academy” redo has had numerous people come and go from it – at one stage even series star Steve Guttenberg was said to vying for the directing job on it – but at present, “Tosh.0” writer Scott Zabielski is onboard to direct.

It’s always been the plan to bring back some of the original faces – Steve Guttenberg, Leslie Easterbrook, George Gaynes and so on – for the new “Police Academy”, but with so many of those past favourites having now passed on (notably, ‘Hightower’ Bubba Smith and ‘Tackleberry’ David Graf) they might just decide to scrap the idea and cast completely fresh and ditch the nostalgia value.