Theron goes forwards-cowgirl for Hatfields & McCoys sequel


Been watching the western series “Hatfields & McCoys”, with Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the feuding family patriarchs of the old west? It’s a beauty of a show! (I’ve only seen two of the three episodes at this stage, though). Not surprisingly, considering how well the cable series has rated, the commercial networks now want in.

According to Deadline, the next “Hatfields & McCoys” will be set in the modern -day – as opposed to ‘ye old cowboy times’ and fix on the urban scuffles of the feuding families. It’ll be an ABC production, as opposed to A&E – which essentially means less swearing, bullets-in-the-head and barn rapings.

In the new show, which will be created by John Glenn (“Eagle Eye”) and produced by a no-name South African-based model named Charlize Theron, “The Hatfields have risen to incredible wealth and power, while the McCoys are working-class.”

Naturally, this Theron woman won’t be a part of the show – – she’ll be too busy kicking apocalyptic Mad Maxine butt when this gets underway.