Cary Fukunaga celebrates Red Nose Day


“Jane Eyre” director Cary Fukunaga will direct the feature film version of Stephen King’s “It”. But this isn’t a simple one-off deal, Fukunaga will Hobbit-ize the “It” story and make two films from the yarn.

(I know, I know… they might as well have just done it as a mini-series again)

Chase Palmer, who sounds like an amalgamated “24” character gone rogue, is adapting King’s ‘killer clown’ tale for the big screen. He wrote the aborted “Dune” remake for Paramount.

Horror vets Roy Lee and Dan Lin are producing “It”, with “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” scribes Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg of KatzSmith Production producing.

Early suggestions for Pennywise the Clown?