Spider-Man might be in an Avengers movie one day


Because the characters of Spider-Man and The Avengers are housed by two different film studios, most of us had – despite the fact they share comic cells together – given up all hope of ever seeing the web-slinger help out his multicoloured pals on the S.H.I.E.L.D payroll.

According to Producer Avi Arad, the leading force behind all these Marvel comic movies, he might be willing to get Sony and Disney in the same room sometime to discuss Peter Parker possibly appearing in an “Avengers” film.

“Everything is possible,” Arad said in an interview with Crave. “If something like that happens, it’s great for Disney, it’s great for Sony. ”
Meantime, Spidey might appear in another Marvel movie. Maybe.

‘Venom’ is a “Spider-Man” spin-off featuring the character initially played by Topher Grace in Sam Raimi’s third Spidey stab. Spider-Man would not be a part of the film – well, not the first film anyway.

“As you know, Venom is defender of the innocent,” Arad said. “The only guy he really, really hates is Peter Parker, Spider-Man. The reason you didn’t see more development on Venom in the comics is because this power that he was given, he knew who Peter was, he knew who Spider-Man was, so go kill him already. We always struggle with storylines and you see the new Venom books. It’s Flash in Iraq. We know that if we put him in a certain position and concentrate on the human, not on the creature, which I thought was a really good beginning in 3.”

“The truth is he also deserves his own movie,” Producer Matt Tolmach said of the Venom character. “We’ve been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories and it’s a really full bodied complicated character, Eddie Brock and this character. Maybe people feel there wasn’t enough of a chance to unravel it, but we’re all in on him.”