Jonah Hill jumps street to Django territory


While we await with anticipation the news of who is replacing Kurt Russell as Ace Woody, the “Django Unchained” news mill has supplied the web with an alternate bit of casting news. Apparently Jonah Hill, the newly-skinny funnyman who proved his acting worth in “Moneyball”, has a role in the movie.

Deadline doesn’t know who Hill, who also recently signed to co-star with “Unchained” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, is playing.

I’m trying to find out who he’ll be playing, but am told it won’t be Scotty Harmony, the kid who loses Django’s slave wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) to Calvin Candie, a charming but utterly evil plantation owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, which sets up a showdown with Django, the former slave turned bounty hunter played by Jamie Foxx.

Hill was eyed for the role early on, but had to turn it down because his schedule was so busy. He’s back in another role.

It’s possible that Hill was coaxed into doing the part by DiCaprio, whom he would obviously have met to discuss their upcoming film “Wolf of Wall Street” together.