Exclusive : Jeremy Davies gets Lost again for The Other American


Former “Lost” star Jeremy Davies will star in “The Other American”, the story of a small-time American crook who escapes the states for a new life in the Andes.

Said to derive from a script embossed in as much character as it does adventure, “American” is written and directed by Alex R.Johnson. Nice catch with Davies, if his work on TV’s uber-hit but also “Rescue Dawn”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Million Dollar Hotel” have shown us, he’s an expert at these tortured-souls roles.

Davies’ character Charlie, in an effort to escape his criminal past, runs from Los Angeles to the barren highlands, determined to make a new start after a betting-fix goes awry. But the farm and life that Charlie and several others, including his old mentor, have been built for themselves in the Andres gets a surprise calling-on. Charlie has to make a final stand if he wants to live a peaceful life.

Rest of the roles are being cast as we speak.

Filming will take place in Ecuador and L.A in August.