What a Loki guy! Hiddelston’s next involves many nude women!


“Thor” and “Avengers” villain Tom Hiddleston is set to star in a new biopic based on porn baron Paul Raymond.

Another flick based on the life of Raymond, starring Steve Coogan, is already filming.

Hiddelston’s film will be called “The King of Soho”, and a source tells The Daily Mail newspaper that Raymond’s family is ecstatic with the casting choice.

“We’ve waited a long time to get the right person and in Tom we finally have”, Raymond’s son Howard. “It’s a difficult role, not because he is playing my father but because he is in every scene in the film”

Wikipedia says of Raymond :

Paul Raymond, born Geoffrey Anthony Quinn, (15 November 1925 – 2 March 2008), was an English publisher, club owner, and real estate developer.

After opening the UK’s first strip club, Raymond became very wealthy, buying property on a scale that got him dubbed “King of Soho”, and launching Paul Raymond Publications with the soft-porn magazine Men Only, soon followed by Escort, Club International, Mayfair and many other best-selling titles. He was starting to hand over control to his daughter Debbie when she died of an overdose in 1992, after which he became a recluse. His quoted net worth of £650 million was rumoured to be an underestimate.