Exclusive : Jonathan LaPaglia on the possibility of a Seven Days movie


While Australian audiences likely know him best for his terrific turn in the recent ABC series ”The Slap”, in the states Jonathan LaPaglia seems to be associated largely with his work on the ’90s science-fiction series “Seven Days”.

Do a google, check a Sci-fi forum, even check out one of the many fan sites dedicated to the short-lived series and you’ll see it has developed somewhat of a cult status.

Speaking from the set of ”Underbelly : Badness’ today, in which he plays the title role, LaPaglia spoke fondly about the series and whether or not there’s a chance we might see ex-CIA Agent Frank Parker again one day.

The concept for the show, which involved Parker traveling back in time seven days prior to an event in order to prevent such event from ever occurring, was a good one says the Australian actor.
“That show is very close to my heart. It was a difficult shoot, and wasn’t organized very well – in that we did such long hours on it – but I love the concept of it. And I loved the character. From an actor’s point-of-view I had so many things to do – I had drama, I had comedy, I had action.. and it was just so much fun to do that stuff every day.”

But as for a “Seven days” movie?

“I will still maintain that it’s quite a good concept.. and it would be great if it did [happen], but I doubt they will ever do something [with it]. The people that were involved with it have moved on.”

Jokingly, we suggested LaPaglia might want to buy the rights to the show himself.
“There you go!”, he laughs.
And stranger things have happened I guess.

“Seven Days”, which run for three years, was produced by Paramount and also starred Nick Searcy (“American Gothic”), Justine Vail (“General Hospital”), and Don Franklin (“Girlfriends”).