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First images from Raging Bull II starring William Forsythe as Jake LaMotta

With Penelope Ann Miller and Juliet Landau

Moviehole was the first to reveal the rather lush cast of “Raging Bull II” a few months back. Today, we’ve got the first photos from the film starring William Forsythe (as Jake LaMotta) with Penelope Ann Miller, Juliet Landau, Paul Sorvino, Tom Sizemore and Joe Mantegna.

”Raging Bull II” fills in the gaps and allows us to get to know Jake LaMotta. It answers such questions as what happened to him or what he was like as a youngster. LaMotta himself was present and providing guidance before and during the shoot.

Although ”Raging Bull” gave us the adult version of Jake LaMotta, it did not provide the rare look into Jake’s childhood nor the impact of the after effects of his violent life. ”Raging Bull II” provides this much desired insight into the real-life struggle of a down-and-out pugilist who turns his anger, abusive childhood into a boxing career. Although his brute force turned him into a middleweight champion, it also created challenges in his life.

“Raging Bull II” is out next year.

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