A Few Best Men

"A Few Best Men"

A pleasantly acted and pitched Australian comedy that mercifully didn’t rely on some pop culture meme to get a toehold (Abba, etc), but instead simply relies on charm and laughs.

It’s not exactly a case of nothing you haven’t seen before as four lads from England come to Australia where one of them is marrying the girl of his dreams, the daughter of a rich and connected political family.

The wedding takes place in an opulent Blue Mountains setting and when everything goes wrong it becomes an ever-growing comedy of errors involving a prize sheep, a fearsome and creepy drug dealer with father issues and a host of other comic fodder.

There are shades of ”The Hangover” and a million other stoner/frathouse comedies but it has a lot of heart and soul and it’s very hard not to enjoy. Also great to see Olivia Newton John on a movie screen after all these years, having a great time as the repressed society wife who cuts loose.

DVD Extras : Numerous interviews with the cast, among other brief bonuses.

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Drew Turney
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