Exclusive : Nicolas Cage may seek justice again in Tokarev

A man’s daughter is kidnapped

Hannibal Pictures are in talks with Nicolas Cage to headline “Tokarev”, based on a new Jim Agnew/Sean Keller-script about a reformed crook that returns home to find his daughter has been kidnapped.

The “Taken”-esque thriller, perfect film stuffs for action-man Cage, would closely follow his similar-themed “Seeking Justice”, in which he plays a revenge-seeking one-man army getting back at the blokes who put his wife in hospital. That one is now screening in select territories on limited screens.

No deal with Cage yet, but if things fall apart for him on “Marble City” – which I hear they might; maybe he didn’t appreciate that horrible mock-up poster they did of him for Cannes!? – he may be able to squeeze this one in by year’s end.

Shall see.

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