Images | Posters : The Words, Robot & Frank, Iron Man 3, Planes, Paddington Bear, Breaking Dawn, Machete Kills


A horde of new visual treats have landed in either in email inbox or online over the past 24 hours. Here’s a rundown of the best :

The Words

A new poster for the Bradley Cooper movie. Oooh, swoon… Bradley… Cooper. (Collider)

Robot & Frank

Frank Langella (“Superman Returns”) and a Robot. Yes… well, someone will want to see this, no doubt!? (Fandango)

Planes / Iron Man 3 / Oz

Just two of the new posters featured here on this poster sheet, hailing from the home of the, er, French bakery, is a one-sheet for the “Cars” spin-off and one for “Iron Man 3”. (Bleeding Cool)

Paddington Bear

Okay, here’s the next thing – well, the 2014 ‘thing’ – you’ll be taking the nieces and nephews to! (Bleeding Cool)

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2

There’s eight new images from the “Twilight” conclude up at Collider, here’s one of them :

Machete Kills

Some new set pics from the “Machete” sequel are up at Jessica Alba’s Twitter, here’s a couple :