Jennifer Lopez to speak Lemke’s words in Carmen Sandiego movie


Darren Lemke, writer of Bryan Singer’s sluggishly-traveling “Jack & The Giant Killer” movie, has inked a deal with JLo (and no doubt her twelve handlers) to pen the actress/musician’s live-action take on game/series/imperceptible comic-con stumper “Where in the World if Carmen Sandiego?”.

Walden Media (“The Chronicles of Narnia”) and Lopez (“Don’t stop keep it moving, put your drinks up…”) are producing the big-screen venture, which Lopez will also act in.

The Hollywood Reporter served up the news on Lemke’s anointment :

The story of the geographically-inclined game centers on Carmen Sandiego, the greatest detective at the ACME agency. When she becomes the world’s greatest thief, it’s up to her former partner to follow her clues and track her down. But when their cat and mouse game leads to a bigger mystery that implicates the agency itself, the partner questions whether Carmen is a really a thief — or a hero.

Walden svp development & production Evan Turner and Walden CEO Michael Bostick are overseeing the project, which Walden sees as being a cross between Thomas Crown Affair and National Treasure.

Walden is hoping to capitalize on the character’s popularity and multi-generational awareness. She was introduced in 1985 as an educational software tool, evolving into computer games and programs, winning 90 awards and now used as a teaching tool in elementary schools all over the country. The three Sandiego TV series have won a Peabody and an Emmy.

Lemke has some good credits to his name; aside from “Jack”, he wrote “Shrek Forever After” and the upcoming CGI flick “Turbo”. He may have a chance at helping Lopez turn her stenchy film-career around.

If not, “Maid in Manhattan 2” should do well on Greyhound buses.