Marvel announces latest superhero film; New logos for Thor 2, Captain America 2, Iron Man 3


Those that are currently getting their mother’s to knit them Comic-Con costumes are hyperventilating over three new film logos which hit the web today – “Iron Man 3”, “Thor 2” and “Captain America 2”. took their camera to the Cine2012 convention in Rome, Italy. They came back with these, instead of Pizza….

In other Marvel news, looks like one of the next superhero movies from the publishing giant will be “The Human Fly”… and no, I’ve never bloody heard of it.

Proof that Marvel must be running out of comics to make movies out of, this one’s based on an inked offering about some kind of mutated stuntman.

Here’s Deadline‘s story :

A Human Fly comic, based on real-life stuntman Joe Ramacieri, was licensed and published by Marvel from 1977-1979. Over its 19-issue run and in various other Marvel comics, the Human Fly had run-ins with Spider-Man and Daredevil, among others in the Marvel stable. Alan Brewer and Steven Goldmann picked up the reverted rights on the property recently. Eisenberg-Fisher Productions, which is based on the Paramount lot, will executive produce the proposed indie, with financing said to be coming from private-equity sources. Goldmann is poised to direct.

Who knows it? Any chance of it making a good flick?