First visual peek at Tom Cruise as 6’5 Jack Reacher!


Tom Cruise as a 6’5-foot, 250 pound bad-ass?

Yep, that’s a role… Val Kilmer was born to play.

Nevertheless, Cruise is ‘Jack Reacher’, the title character in the film adaptation of Lee Child’s ‘Reacher’ novels. And, the well-placed studio leaks tell us, the newly-single Mr Mapother is as “gritty as fuck” (Okay, so they didn’t use those words, but you get the drift!) in the action thriller.

The movie, produced by actor cum moneybags David Ellison (who also helped shepherd the finance on “Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol” and will do so again on “Top Gun 2”), is out December 21. Here’s your first look at Cruise as the bad-ass military policeman turned drifter…

Say what you will about Cruise, and I know you will, but this man still makes some of the most entertaining movies on offer. Can’t think of a bad film he’s done yet – well, not since “All The Right Moves” anyway.