Sharon Stone spreading her legs for another film, Mother’s Day


Let out of the plug! Sharon Stone needs to shoot one out… quick!

Stone is joining the indie “Mother’s Day”, a film seemingly most famous for uniting famous actresses with their thespian daughters – for instance, Andie MacDowell and her real-life daughter Rainey Qualley are in it, as are Susan Sarandon and her sprog Eva Amurri, Deadline tells us.

Writer/director Paul Duddridge likely wants to keep the cougar to matriarch ratio balanced though, so has added both Stone and fellow sexpot Christina Ricci to the mix.

The flick, not surprisingly, fixes on mothers and the relationships with their daughters. “Basic Instinct” and “Opposite of Sex” stars, respectively, are no doubt playing biological discarders of the diaper.

No doubt Duddridge is hoping Warner Bros swoops in, offers up their chequebook and christens his film the next “Valentine’s Day” or “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.

I know, just personally, I’d love nothing more than to know that another of those soulless all-star cash whoring ensemble comedies were on the way. Best to you, Mother.