Sister Act/Sister Act 2


If Whoopi Goldberg had the high point of her own franchise, this was it.

“Sister Act” is the better of the two films, but not by a huge margin. A one-joke fish out of water pitch carried the whole movie as Deloris (Goldberg), a lounge singer, witnesses a mob hit by her fearsome boyfriend (Keitel) and goes into witness protection disguised as a nun.

But doesn’t hilarity just ensue when Deloris (Goldberg) is a tough talking, hard drinking lover of good times and wild men. Hiding her as a nun is the basis for every joke until she predictably comes to understand them and they her, until the bad guys inevitably catch up to her and her newfound friends help save her life.

I can’t even remember the final scenes, but I’ll be it contained a heartfelt declaration by the heroine that – inspired by their piety – she’s putting her wild ways behind her, but not before a comical coda where the previously shrinking violet nuns have taken on some of her bad habits.

“Sister Act 2 : Back in the Habit” has Deloris and her friends-of-the-cloth helping out a school, due for closure, winning a talent competition. Yawn.

Blu-ray details/extras : Surprisingly, the audio isn’t half as good as the vision of these movies – the video looks magnificent, which is quite surprising considering the age of the films. “Sister Act 2” doesn’t look as clean and polished as the original film’s transfer, but then the film itself isn’t as good, so it all makes sense. Audio-wise, you can hear the songs, and they encompass enough boom and bass, but they don’t entail the oomph that a music-centric film franchise like this needs.

The disc contains only two special features, a short making-of and a music video, both for the original film only.

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