He terrorized the Lost tools, now Durand’s out to victimise the Mortal Instruments!


Two men born for protein powder commercials, Kevin Durand (“Lost”, “Robin Hood”) and Robert Maillet (“Sherlock Holmes”) have been cast as nasty pasties in the latest young person’s book-cum-film venture “The Mortal Instruments”. The duo add literal muscle to a cast made mainly up of beanpoles at this stage.

says Durand and Maillet have been anointed to play rogues Pangborn and Blackwell, two henchman of the film’s main villain, Valentine in the Harold Zwart directed flick. Lily Collins and Jaime Campbell Bower headline the pic, based on what’s sure to be – unless, of course, it’s on the spiked “I Am Number Four” juice – the first of many based on characters created by Cassandra Clare.

Gotta say though, and just from an outsider’s perspective, there’s a few things about the flick that make the tummy rumble like an excessively big cup of full-cream milk; firstly, Harold Zwart, can’t say he’s ever made a movie that’d make one want to jump through a greasy playground tyre to see, and secondly, that cast? As much as I like, say, Durand, there’s nobody in the film (yet) that nudges the production into ‘might have to check this out’ terrain yet. Maybe that’ll change when further parts are cast over the coming weeks?

“The Mortal Instruments” is out August 23, 2013.