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Odin and Jane Foster will meet in Thor 2, says Hopkins

Sir Anthony on the upcoming sequels to “Thor” and “Red”, and his feelings on a “Hannibal” TV series

There was no munching on any Black Swan for Sir Hannibal Lecter in the original “Thor”, but Anthony Hopkins tells Total Film that he and Natalie Portman will be conversing on-screen in the sequel.

Suggesting Jane Foster might be headed to another realm (or vice versa), Hopkins’ says Odin and Foster will share scenes in the upcoming “Thor 2”.

“I haven’t got a script yet but I believe Natalie and I have some scenes together this time”, the Oscar Winner said.

While he won’t be a part of the new ”Hannibal” TV series (“…who on Earth would want to make a TV show about that?”), Hopkins says he’s looking as much forward to “Thor 2” as he is to “Red 2”, in which he plays a “crazy scientist”.

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