David Slade exits Daredevil reboot; Trank signs for Fantastic Four


While “Chronicle” director Josh Trank has now officially signed on to helm the “Fantastic Four” reboot, which is all-in-all great news for that film, there’s a loss to go with Marvel’s gain. David Slade, the “30 Days of Night” helmer who had signed to tackle a reimaginging of “Daredevil”, has exited that particular production.

Slade had the backing of fans, and seemed quite enthusiastic about bringing The Man Without Fear back to the big screen, so it’s a real shame this one didn’t come off. He also apparently had a pretty killer script in his hot hands. According to Deadline, Slade left “Daredevil” because of his commitments to the “Hannibal” TV series, of which he’ll direct the pilot.

Better news for Doctor Doom and company. The “Fantastic Four” reboot, which will assmuningly be Jessica Alba-less, will go into production after Marvel/Fox gets “The Wolverine” and “X-Men : First Class 2” underway.

We’re at Comic-Con at the moment and expect to hear more about these films at either the Fox and/or Marvel panels over the coming days.