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Comic Con : Jackie Chan in Expendables 3? Maybe!

At the “Chinese Zodiac” panel today at Comic Con, legendary martial artist and actor Jackie Chan mentioned the possibility of working with his friend Sylvester Stallone on an “Expendables” movie sometime.

Apparently Chan had been offered a role in “Expendables 2” (out next month) but couldn’t do it because of a scheduling clash with “Zodiac”.

Chan seemed enthusiastic enough about the idea of joining his action contemporaries in one of the “Expendables” movies though – so going by that, and the fact that Stallone is known for going back and asking again (should someone refuse to be or politely decline due to other reasons to be in one of the “Expendables” films), there’s a good chance, I think, that Chan may end up a new recruit in the inevitable “Expendables 3”.

“Chinese Zodiac” looked… OK, at best.

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