Comic-Con Special : MH Briefs (July 13, 2012)


If only because I’m currently sitting on the carpet, outside one of the large halls here at Comic Con, having my make-up sprayed upon for a party tonight… I’m calling this edition of MH Briefs, ‘Comic Con’ Special.

(Sometimes I wonder if a doc might diagnose me as ‘special’…)

“Dexter”/”Homeland” Panel

The Hollywood Reporter has a low-down on the “Dexter” panel – featuring the good word on what was in the clips shown, and who Yvonne Strahovski is playing in the new season.

They also screened the first two minutes of the season premiere, which I’ve embedded below :

The trade also has the low-down on what was revealed on the panel for Showtime’s other hit series “Homeland”, which kicks off it’s second season later in the year.

Ken Jeong back for “Hangover Part III”

Jeong will be back for the third “Hangover”, along with his cohorts, but director Todd Phillips has decided to extend the actor’s role this time.

“Dredd” Red-band Clip

On the back of the great reception the film received last night, when it premiered to Comic-Con audiences and media (Moviehole’s Olivia was there and said it was absolutely terrific!), Lionsgate has released a ‘bloody’ clip for the new “Dredd” movie.

Dreamworks prepping new “Madagascar” and “Kung-Fu Panda”

A third “Kung-Fu Panda” and a spin-off of “Madagascar” are in the works, Dreamworks Animation announced at their Comic-Con panel today. The “Madagascar” spin-off will fix on, of course, those 007-wannabe penguins.

Two more for “Olympus Has Fallen”

The ‘Die Hard in the White House’ thriller “Olympus Has Fallen”, starring Gerard Butler, has now added Ashley Judd (“Dolphin Tale”) and Robert Forster (“Mulholland Drive”). ”Judd will play the first lady. Forrester will play a high-ranking general who is forced to deal with the nuke-loving terrorists.”

“Iron Fists” gets a release date

RZA’s martial-arts movie “The Man with The Iron Fists” will bow November 2 in cinemas.

“Elementary” Panel at Comic Con

Lucy Liu is playing Dr Watson to Johnny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes in the new CBS reimaginging “Elementary”. At Comic Con today, Liu apparently received kudos from the audience that attended. “I think the gender change creates a dynamic and chemistry that you don’t see in the films and the BBC series,” said Liu earlier to applause, “I’m not saying it’s romantic but it’s little bit of tingle.”

Mads Mikkelsen not in “Thor 2” after all

Despite being a contender for the job, Mads Mikkelsen says he was forced to pull out of the “Thor 2” baddie role contenders list because of his commitments to the new “Hannibal” series.

“Jersey Boys” and “Wicked” movies get directors

The previously-rumoured Jon Favreau is indeed doing the “Jersey Boys” movie, that’s official; meanwhile, “The Hours” director Stephen Daldry is being courted to direct the film version of the play “Wicked”.

Will Smith in “Cain and Abel” film?

Big Willy may direct and star in a feature on battling brothers Cain and Abel. “The Redemption Of Cain” will mark Smith’s directorial debut.

Gordon Cole in Concert!

Sultry chanteuse Chrysta Bell will perform in Los Angeles for the first time at a concert presented by David Lynch on August 2 at the Bootleg Theater. “The first time I saw her perform, I thought she was like an alien. The most beautiful alien ever,” Lynch says. A longtime collaborator with Bell, Lynch first began working with the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter in 2000. The legendary filmmaker’s surreal epic ”Inland Empire”, saw the use of the duo’s song “Polish Poem,” a classically Lynchian ballad, spotlighted in the film’s closing moments.

Collect “Django” bounty at Comic-Con

Collect exclusive “Django Unchained” Comic-Con bounty when you spot an outlaw at SDCC, equipped in a limited edition t-shirt, cowboy hat and jeans. If you see one, be sure to tell them the secret code, “the d is silent.” You’ll be given a redemption coin to bring back to Django Land where you will be eligible to receive a limited edition SDCC shirt, VIP tickets to exclusive Django Unchained events and collectables of your own.

WB And Flixter giving up stuff at Comic-Con

Flixster today announced it is giving San Diego Comic-Con® attendees complimentary UltraViolet-enabled copies of popular Warner Bros. Pictures titles for enjoyment through its movie viewing application on a wide variety of compatible devices. Starting July 12 through July 15, fans will receive complimentary movies by simply tweeting unique hashtags found at the DC Entertainment booth, and at the “Batcave,” which is located near the “Extra at Comic-Con” stage at Bayfront Park. New hashtags will be unveiled every day for access to titles such as “Mortal Kombat,” “Green Lantern” and “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” The exclusive hashtags will be displayed throughout the day on monitors at the DC Entertainment booth (#1915) inside the San Diego Convention Center as well as on posters found in the “Batcave” near the “Extra at Comic-Con” stage. Once the correct hashtag is tweeted, fans will receive a direct message from @Flixster with details on how to download their complimentary UltraViolet movie through Flixster. Movie buffs are encouraged to keep checking back for new hashtags.

“Ted” on your phone

The hit film “Ted” set the opening weekend box office record for an original R-rated comedy, bringing in a record-breaking $54.4 million. And now movie fans will have a chance to own a piece of Ted for themselves. MEDL Mobile, Inc. a pioneer in the creation, development, marketing and monetization of mobile apps — announced today the release of an iPhone app that allows users to capture photographs of their “Wild Night With Ted” and share the photos on social media. The application comes with over 21 different poses of a Teddy Bear that could only be struck by the star of the movie “Ted”. Poses range from tame; Ted waving, screaming and wearing sunglasses, to poses only Ted can pull-off. The user simply chooses a photo from their own library or takes a photo with the iPhone camera – and then adds Ted to their own photo. The Ted photo can be scaled, rotated and lit to match the existing photo. “We’ve built hundreds of apps – but I’ve never seen one go viral internally so quickly,” said Dave Swartz, MEDL Cofounder and CCO. “Our entire staff has been playing with it throughout development. It’s pure fun. Well, maybe not that pure.”

“Beauty & the Beast” at Comic-Con

Collider has a nice run-down of the “Beauty & the Beast” panel, which was attended by stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk.

“West Wing” star may do Mary Poppins movie

Bradley Whitford (“The West Wing”, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”) may play Don DaGradi, the co-screenwriter of the feature film iteration of ”Mary Poppins”, in Disney’s “Saving Mr Banks”.

Jimmy Fallon as Pee Wee Herman voicing every character in “Dark Knight Rises” commercial

You have to see this one to believe it!