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Katie’s guide to Comic-Con’s Outdoor Activities

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One of the longest-serving employees of the Moviehole gang, Katie's love of film, television and celebrity is clearly evident in any and each item she writes.

There’s only two days left at Comic Con and if you didn’t manage to score tickets this year, or could only nab a one day pass but are craving more madness, never fear, outdoor activities are aplenty and downtown San Diego is chockfull of fun, geeky energy. So, have some fun and soak up the crowds with some of these insider looks and giveaways.

First up is the “Frankenweenie” exhibit, the quaint, beautiful garden is situated right across from the convention center and transports you right into Burtonland. The exhibit is showing some clips of the film and Disney is doling out exclusive con pins with the cute little black and white frankenstein puppy himself.

Ridley and Tony Scott’s mini-series “Coma” also has a great, creepy walkthrough experience of Peachtree Memorial, where you’ll get a hospital check in bracelet and a surgery scar of your choosing! There’s also some fun picture opportunities of you on the surgery table! If you can’t find the large exhibit and are farther downtown, ask one of the “Coma” patients trolling around Little Italy or up and down downtown.

Also keep your eyes peeled for an Engineer from “Prometheus” for an exclusive “Weyland Corporation” badge! You can’t miss his blue tinted skin, bald head and diaper get-up roaming around with some Weyland employees. (This is one of my favorite nabs of SDCC so far) But be warned, I had to look two days for this one, this Engineer is on the move.

If you’re looking to catch some celeb interviews or check out the generations of Batmobiles, head over toward the Hilton Bayfront and you’ll see Warner Bros Extra stage set-up. All the events are free and if you’re lucky you can catch some of the documentarians revving up the Batmobiles! To check out the schedule of events, go to:

And last but certainly not least, don’t, under any circumstances, forget to check out “Django Unchained” out front of Petco Park! The flick has a little western exhibit opened up with some free posters, red-bull and info on where and how to get your “Django Unchained” t-shirt!

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One of the longest-serving employees of the Moviehole gang, Katie's love of film, television and celebrity is clearly evident in any and each item she writes.

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