Comic-Con : Marvel Panel, Django Unchained, Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Godzilla


Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino – flanked by cast members – presented a sizzle reel of footage (from the first half) of “Django Unchained”. This was the same footage he showed the corporates, apparently. It looks great – very “Kill Bill”… in other words, lots of blood, action, fighting and black humour. It drew as many gasps as it did clapping. There were some scene-stealing moments by a Colonel Sanders looking Don Johnson, a hilarious death sequence featuring seasoned character actor M.C Gainey, and. Tarantino also revealed that the character Kerry Washington’s playing in the film is a relation of the classic movie character, Shaft – – or so his head has told him. She told the audience, “I was so grateful that my character had to do two things that I’ve never done before because this film scared the [heck] out of me,” Washington told the rapt audience. “But that prepared me to step into this brutal world. Studying the German and the horseback riding kept me connected to the world when all I wanted to do was stay under the covers.” “Django Unchained” has a week left to shoot, said Tarantino.Marvel Panel

The “Captain America” sequel will be called “Captain America : The Winter Soldier”, confirming that the storyline will be lifted from that particular comic-arc.
The “Thor” sequel will be called “Thor : The Dark World”.
The studio announced the 2014 release of a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, and showed off concept art featuring some of the characters in the film, including Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Gamorra.
Edgar Wright was also on hand to preview some test footage from his upcoming “Ant Man”. I hope this makes it online! It is great!

The Hobbit

Can’t say the footage impressed me, and not because of the odd-looking wacky-frame-rate thing again that deterred me with the teaser, because this was in the standard rate, but nevertheless Peter Jackson proved a good salesman. Footage, which ran for just over twelve minutes, included shots of several characters we haven’t seen on screen before and also sequences involving Bilbo running from something down hallways, the scene at Bilbo’s house where he’s coaxed into the adventure, Legloas in battle, a giant stone being thrown at folks… and you get the picture. If you loved “Rings”, you’ll no doubt be waiting for this one…impatiently. Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis, and Elijah Wood talked about the film before and after the footage, with Jackson suggesting a third “Hobbit” film is possible.. depending on how much he shoots.

Pacific Rim

Garth from Dark Horizons wrote it up beautifully, so I’ll borrow his take. “The worry with this project was the one-line concept itself sounds shallow, an empty giant robot movie provokes images in the mind of “Transformers”. That’s not the case here – instead we’re getting the closest thing to a Hollywood blockbuster based on anime you could probably get. As someone like myself who grew up loving “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, something like this was quite cool to see.
Unlike Michael Bay, del Toro’s action remembers the laws of physics – these ‘Jaegers’ and their fights have inertia, scale, momentum, and environmental factors. The 25-storey tall robots are controlled by two pilots, each sharing different hemispheres of its ‘brain’. The designs themselves aren’t “over designed” liked the Autobots but still somewhat similar if sleeker.
Environments were greatly varied – there was a battle at sea, a collapsing robot in the snow, and various shots of the human characters in jump suits. Like all his films, the colours and lighting was extremely rich and deep, the style just beautifully handled. The Godzilla-esque monsters themselves scored only the briefest of glimpses but fans of his previous work will be very happy.” One of my highlights for 2013, definitely!


One of the big surprises of Con 2012. Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the classic monster film franchise, introduced to the crowd via a very suspenseful and epic-looking teaser trailer that shows dust clouds flanked by towering skyscrapers, giant claws, and a lovely ‘money shot’ of the big lizard!