Comic Con : A sequel to Ted may be on the way!


Expect a sequel to Uni’s 2012 surprise hit “Ted” to be greenlit by years end.

The hand-knitted adults-only comedy, starring Mark Wahlberg as a thirty something whose best friend is a horny, foul-mouthed teddy bear, has been a surprise success right around the globe (especially in Australia).

Speaking at the “American Dad” panel this afternoon, the always-funny Seth MacFarlane mentioned that he’d be “open to the possibility” of doing a sequel to the film. While McFarlane, the brainchild of “American Dad” (and “Family Guy”), has obviously had some kind of discussion already about doing a sequel to the Mark Wahlberg/Mila Kunis comedy, he wasn’t giving anything up. Obviously ink needs to dry first.

A “Ted 2”, amongst his other commitments, could also be the reason MacFarlane mentioned that his recently-announced “Flintstones” reboot for Fox has been put on hold for the moment.